Consul-General Dr RUAN Zongze Meets with Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson
2023-03-07 09:00

On 6th March, Chinese Consul-General in Brisbane Dr RUAN Zongze met with Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Council Cr Mark Jamieson. Cr Terry Landsburg, Head of Economic Development Mr Andrew Eves-Brown and Deputy Consul-General Ms LI Suyun were present.

Dr Ruan said, the Chinese Modernization laid out on the 20th National Congress of CPC has drawn worldwide extensive attention and is characterized by the harmony between humanity and nature. The Two Sessions, which are currently held in Beijing, have established concrete targets for China’s socioeconomic development, including around 5% GDP growth rate this year. China’s green, sustainable and high-quality development will contribute positive energy to the economic development of Australia and the world, create greater space for cooperation in new energy and green economics. China-Australia relations has been improved recently. We shall grasp the opportunity to enhance cooperation in economics, trade, science and education, promote cultural, sporting and local exchange.

Mayor Jamieson welcomed Consul-General’s visit and said, we’re very happy to see the positive change in Australia-China relations, and believe this will bring momentum to industries including tourism, agricultural and fishing businesses. We look forward to more exchanges with Beijing and other Chinese cities on hosting 2032 Olympics. Sunshine Coast and Xiamen are friendship city. There are a lot of engagements in sporting, cultural, economic and trade areas between two cities. Hope we can strengthen that relationship.